Alexandra Chwalik
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Welcome to my home page!

My Mom singing a children's song!
Eggbert the Easter Egg

Christmas 2014!
The Living Room Sessions

Some of me singing:
Star Spangled Banner
Touched By An Angel

Some of my favorites:
Color: blue and purple
Band: Back Street Boys
Foods: macaroni and cheese
Bubba's pasta sauce and meatballs
Time of Day: reading time
Time of Year: my birthday! (also seeing my Dad, brothers and sisters!)
Favorite Desert: ice cream
School Subject: Art, definitely!


Alexandra is days old!

Jazz Fakebooks: JazzFake.pdf (Pennies from Heaven, p.296), RealBk2.pdf (Pennies from Heaven, p.286)

RealBook 1
RealBook 3

My Stuff
Pictures of Mom's Piano

Charts: G (pdf file)
Pennies From Eb (pdf file)
You Go To My Bb (pdf file)
Our World (Vince Kidd)

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