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Welcome to "Reunion Central," where you can find information on past or upcoming Chwalik Family Reunions!

Thank you to all past chairpersons chairing our Chwalik Family Reunions, and for all family members and their work to make our Chwalik Family Reunions a success!

If you have any photos to contribute, please e-mail them to me so I may post them in our photo gallery!

If you have interest in chairing a Chwalik Family Reunion, contact Chet Chwalik Jr.! Remember, it's a lot of fun and you always have plenty of help from the family! The fun part is being the one to choose a cool place for us all to meet again!

SOME NOTABLE HEADLINES... [Other Notable News]
  • Do you have pictures from the 2004 or 2008 reunion, or other reunions? If so, get 'em to me, via e-mail or regular mail, and I'll post them into our gallery or put them into our next DVD!
  • If you have a personal web site, we'll add it to the Home Pages listing in the above Family Directory.
  • New link coming soon! WHERE ARE THEY NOW?! See where the Chwaliks are located across the U.S.!

  • Polish Table Grace (In Polish and English)

    The following prayer is taken from "Pleasing Polish Recipes", and is credited to Fr. Cornelian Dende, OFM Conv., Directory of the Father Justin Rosary Hour, Athol Springs, New York:

    Poblogoslaw Panie Boze nas, poblogoslaw ten posilek, tych ktorzy go przygotowali i naucz nas dzielic sie chlebem i radoscia ze wszystkimi. Przez Chrystusa Pana naszego. Amen.
    [phonetic spelling...coming soon]

    Bless us, O Lord, bless this food, bless those who prepared it and teach us to share our bread and joy with others. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  • Common Polish Phrases to Know:
    Dzień dobry - good day (jane DOH-brih)
    Dobry wieczór - good evening (DOH-brih VYEH-choor)
    Dobranoc - good night (doh-BRAH-notes)
    Cześć - hi (cheshch)
    Do widzenia - good bye (doh vee-DZEN-ya)
    Proszę - please / here you are (PROH-sheh)
    Dziękuję - thank you (jen-KOO-yeh)
    Dzięki - thanks (informal) (JEN-kee)
    Przepraszam - I'm sorry / excuse me (psheh-PRAH-shahm)
    Tak - yes (tahk)
    Nie - no / not (nyeh)
    Nie wiem - I don't know (nyeh vyem)
    Jak się masz? - How are you? (informal) (yahk shay mahsh)
    Nie mówię po polsku. - I don't speak Polish (nyeh MOO-vyeh poh pohl-skoo)
    Nie rozumiem - I don't understand (nyeh roh-ZOO-myem)
    Na zdrowie! - Cheers! / Bless you! (lit. For health!) (nah ZDROH-vyeh)
    Proszę bardzo - you're welcome
    Bóg zapłać / Na zdrowie - God bless you
Audio of "One More Day" recorded by Richard, his son, for Matt's funeral (9/9/19)
Year City, State Location Host(s)/Chairperson(s) Group Photo Additional Photos
(July 21)
Delaware, Ohio Home of Dave and Karen Chwalik Dave and Karen Chwalik Group Photo

Year City, State Location Chairperson(s) Group Photo Additional Photos
2012 Cambridge, OH Salt Fork State Park Lodge Matt and Martha Chwalik 2012 Group Photo
2010 Gatlinburg, TN Deer Ridge Mountain Resort Dave and Karen Chwalik
2008 Niagara Falls, NY Four Points by Sheraton Niagara Falls Marsha and Ed Chwalik 2008 Group Photo more photos
2006 Pine Mountain, GA Callaway Gardens Judy Hnatiuk 2006 Group Photo
2004 Cumberland, MD Rocky Gap Lodge and Golf Resort Elaine Julian
2002 Boardman, OH Holiday Inn (Boardman, Ohio) Chet Chwalik, Jr. 2002 Group Photo
2000 Hidden Valley, PA Hidden Valley Resort Bill Chwalik 2000 Group Photo
1998 Asheville, NC Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort, Link 2 Karen Kellermen 1998 Group Photo
1995 Greenup, KY Greenbo Lake Chet Chwalik, Sr. 1995 Group Photo
1992 Pipestem, WV Pipestem Resort Bill and Jeanne Chwalik
1989 Wheeling, WV Oglebay Resort Kathy Wong
1986 Pipestem, WV Pipestem Resort Jeanne Chwalik

Map of U.S. showing pinpoints of all Chwalik Family Reunions
Courtesy of MapQuest, this is a zoomed-in view of the area the Chwalik name is from: Chotel Czerwony, Poland!

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