Chopin: Nocturne, Op. 9 No. 2

  • Presence of Chemical Weapons detected by Polish in Iraq: At the beginning of June the Military Intelligence Service troops in Iraq had come across GRAD warheads suspected of having contained chemical weapons. Further examinations conducted by the troops on the spot had led to taking over of some several warheads and two mortal missiles filled with some unidentified liquid. The American experts who, most likely, have confirmed that the substance within was cyclosarin (a poisonous gas much more dangerous than sarin) and one more poisonous gas, have carefully examined the warheads. The warheads are expected to have come back from the time of the Iraqi-Iran war. This piece of information has not been published, as it was essential to prove that, indeed, chemical weapon had been detected. [added 9/16/04]
  • Polish Comet in the Sky: Polish astronomer Grzegorz Pojmanski has discovered new comet during his studies at Las Campanas Observatory, Chile. It just so happened that new celestial body was noticed by accident during other observation.
    The main aim of the scientific research carried out in the observatory was to detect variable stars. Discovered comet is not seen in Poland. At present it is in the Rufa constellation.
    The comet reaches its closest point to the Sun on October 7. At that time, it will be about 16 million kilometers from the Sun. Astronomers believe that the comet will be destroyed when it approaches the Sun. Itís a pity because there are only few comets discovered by Poles. Last Polish comet was detected by Konrad Rudnicki in Mt. Palomar Observatory in 1966. [added 9/15/04]
  • Poland's EU Border Challenge! With this past May 1st, 2004 expansion of the European Union, the map of Europe changes and a new EU border of nearly 4,000 kilometres comes into existence. Poland sits on the largest part of that border, and Warsaw will have the responsibility of patrolling it in years to come. But after 15 years of freedom of movement, how do the Poles feel about enforcing a new ''Iron Curtain''? Click here to learn more about "Poland's EU Border Challenge". [added 9/15/04]
  • A connection made with a blood relative in Poland!! I am very excited to share with you about my trip to Poland this past April. On April 20th I met a new "kuzyn" (cousin), who is Grzegroz Chwalik of Wroclaw, Poland. We only met for a short while but have kept in connect via e-mail. Click here to view some photos from my time in Poland!

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